Angie McCoy

Angie McCoy
Angie McCoy

Embrace Your Inner Magic with the “I Love Me, Myself & I” Wearable Sigil™

Welcome to a magical journey of self-discovery and empowerment with our latest highlight from the Mystic Life™ Style Wearable Sigil™ Line – the “I Love Me, Myself & I” Wearable Sigil™. This enchanting piece isn’t just apparel; it’s a celebration of self-love and the mystical arts designed to transform your daily life into an experience of wonder and affirmation.

Discover the Power of Sigils


A sigil is much more than a mere symbol. It is a sacred emblem that carries the essence of angels, entities, or personal aspirations. Originating from ancient practices, sigils serve as magical tools that transcend ordinary limits, allowing practitioners to manifest their deepest desires. Our “I Love Me, Myself & I” sigil, crafted by Angie McCoy, embodies this tradition, combining the artistry of mystical sigils with modern fashion.


I Love Me, Myself, and I


The Meaning and Purpose Behind the “I Love Me, Myself & I” Sigil


In a world increasingly dominated by social media, where unrealistic beauty standards and body shaming are rampant, the “I Love Me, Myself & I” Wearable Sigil™ stands as a powerful counter-narrative. This sigil is not just a piece of fashion; it’s a statement of resistance and a tool for empowerment. Designed with the intent to foster self-love and boost self-esteem, this sigil reminds us of the importance of nurturing our mental health and happiness.

The sigil embodies a commitment to embracing one’s true self, devoid of societal pressures and expectations. It serves as a daily affirmation that you are enough, just as you are, promoting a positive self-image and encouraging wearers to celebrate their unique beauty and strength. By wearing this sigil, you’re not just choosing a piece of clothing; you’re participating in a movement towards greater self-acceptance and mental well-being.

Let this sigil be your armor against the negativity and comparison that often infiltrate our social media feeds. Let it remind you that real beauty stems from self-respect and inner peace. In wearing the “I Love Me, Myself & I” Wearable Sigil™, you are declaring that your value does not decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth. Join us in spreading this message of love, equality, and magic as we work together to combat insecurity and uplift spirits in a world that often tries to bring us down.


I Love me myself and i


Design That Speaks to the Soul


The design is simple yet profound, featuring the initials “I,” “M,” and “I” with a heart delicately interwoven to symbolize the importance of self-love. This sigil champions the idea that loving yourself is not just a luxury; it is essential, a foundational stone for building a life filled with peace, magic, and miracles.

Fashion Meets Mystical Practice


Our Wearable Sigil™ Collection turns everyday fashion into an active practice of magic and empowerment. The “I Love Me, Myself & I” Wearable Sigil™ line includes versatile styles such as:

  • Unisex T-Shirt: Perfect for any occasion, this t-shirt is soft, lightweight, and designed to fit comfortably, making it ideal for everyday wear.
  • Crop Hoodie and Sweatshirt: These trendy options cater to those who love a modern, stylish look while embracing the mystical lifestyle.
  • Unisex Hoodie and Long Sleeve Tee: Ideal for cooler days, these pieces offer comfort without compromising on style or magical intent.
  • Premium Sweatshirt: For those seeking a touch of luxury, this premium option ensures warmth and elegance.

Rituals & Intentions: A Personal Touch


Every piece in our collection arrives infused with specific intentions and is ready for personal rituals to enhance its power. We encourage you to engage in your own ritual practices to connect with your garment’s magical properties deeply. This could include setting intentions, using candles or crystals, or simply meditating with the sigil.

Ethically Made & Magically Charged


Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our production process. Each item is made to order, reducing waste and ensuring that every piece is specially crafted for you, carrying a unique blend of ethical production and magical intention.

A Magical Addition to Your Wardrobe


The “I Love Me, Myself & I” Wearable Sigil™ is more than just clothing. It’s a statement of belief, a tool for transformation, and a testament to the power of self-love. Wear it as a daily reminder of your inherent worth and the magic you carry within.

Invite magic into your life with Mystic Life™. Each garment is not just designed; it’s charged with intentions of love, empowerment, and transformation, ready to join you on your journey to a more magical everyday life. Embrace the power of your intentions and let the “I Love Me, Myself & I” Wearable Sigil™ be a beacon of self-love and personal magic for you and everyone you meet.

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Angie McCoy

Angie McCoy

Angie McCoy is a passionate voyager in the realms of the metaphysical and spiritual, weaving her deep knowledge and intuitive insights into every facet of her work. As the creative force behind Mystic Life and its various extensions, Angie's mission is to enlighten, inspire, and guide individuals on their journey to self-discovery and empowerment. Explore the mystical path with Angie and unlock the magic within.

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