About Angie

A Natural born Intuitive and Empath, I have been talking with Spirit with an awareness for over 30 years. I remember having a strong sense of feeling and knowing my entire life and as I entered my teens, I began talking with Spirit. I have since been on a Life Long Journey of Learning, Developing and Helping others.

Drawn to everything Metaphysical with a good balance of Left & Right brain activity allowing me to Live and Walk in Both worlds. Walking with 1 foot firmly planted on the Earthly plane with Rational and Practical views and 1 foot firmly floating on the Spiritual plane where language, understanding and messages are energetic and symbolic. Having a good grasp, view and understanding of the two and able to be a go-between and Interpret one to the other is a specialty and a gift I have and happily share it with you.


Tarot Readings

Symbols and Energy have been the Universal Language since before time. Tarot Cards are an ancient and modern divination system used to speak that Universal Language and Energy along with Synchronicity for Answers and Guidance.

Numerology Readings

Numerology is a mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events. It is also the study of the numerical value of the letters in words, names and ideas. Numerology Readings can give you Direction towards your Live Purpose.

Astrology Readings

Astrology is the Ancient Science of the Stars. It is like a Blueprint and Map with Directions for your Life! An Astrology Reading, can view your Life Purpose, Skills, Relationships, Challenges and more along with offering Guidance and Directions for Improvement.

Spiritual Life Coaching

Reviewing different areas of life through the objective lens of Symbology, Tarot, Numerology, Astrology and other Ancient and Modern Tools and Practices. Our Goal is to work with the Divine Blueprints of your Life & Life Purpose.

what others have to say

Today I received a reading from Angie on her "Live". Spot on with career and birth date astrology. Reading resonates well with me and found very helpful. She's very passionate about helping those who seek guidance. Highly recommend her to all. Love and light many blessings!

Rosina Hodges

Angie is a great reader..she is warm and kind and she don't rush..she was spot on for me and I will recommend her to anyone..thank you Angie..stay blessed.

Annessa Sonny